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The Club Library was inaugurated in 2005 by eminent writer Prof. Gangadhar Gadgil. Noted actor Sarika who also attended the function donated some books. In 2010, the library moved to a spacious room on the second floor, from where it currently operates. The library is available free of charge for all members.

One of the Club members, Shree Sandeep Rajaram Tungare, donated Rs 10 lakh for the club library. In gratitude of his help, the library has been named Vidyadeep by combining the names of Mr and Mrs Tungare.

The library has a collection of 7000 books in English and Marathi. It has a good collection of 2518 CDs and DVDs along with 17 Magazines and 26 Newspapers.The three computers available at the library can be used to watch CDs and DVDs from the library collection, to play games and surf the internet. To popularize the library and inculcate reading habits among members, the Club organises various events like talks with prominent authors, journalists and thinkers and also arranges reading programs for new books etc.

The complete list of books in the library is available on this website. The Club intends to add new books regularly. The library will soon have a section of Hindi and Gujarati books too

Borrowing rules

  • Library is only for members and residential guests.
  • Library is open for local senior citizens with the permission of the librarian.
  • Members have to keep a refundable deposit of Rs 1000, but there are no charges for borrowing.
  • Library can be used as a reading room by all members.
  • Members can borrow 1 book and 1 CD/DVD at a time.
  • Borrowed books, CDs and DVDs have to be returned / renewed within10 days. A fine of Rs 10 per book / DVD / CD is charged if borrowed items are not returned/renewed on time.

Library Rules

  • Mobile phones have to be kept on silent mode in the library.
  • Members cannot use library computers for personal work. But they can use the library for working on their own computers.

Book donations

  • The Vidyadeep Library is happy to accept donations of books, CDs and DVDs. Those interested in donating should contact the library staff.

Rules & Regulations of Vidyadeep Library

Library Timings
Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm
Staff lunch time 2 pm to 2.30 pm Books/CDs/DVDs not issued
Closed on Public holidays
Computers 9.30am to 8.30 pm Half an hour after opening and half an hour before closing
  • Library service is available to the Members of M. I. G. Cricket Club only.
  • Guests shall pay Rs 25 per day.
  • It is mandatory for members to present their Club identity cards to the Library staff upon entry.
  • All bags/books/personal belongings of members shall be deposited at the counter.
  • Silence/ Discipline should be maintained in the library.
  • No eatables and beverages shall be allowed to be consumed in the library.
  • The use of personallaptops shall be allowed in the Library with the permission of the staff only and at their discretion.
  • Charging the batteries of mobiles phones and laptops is prohibited.
  • The sound from all computers and laptops shall be routed only through the headphones provided.

If a member is not satisfied with the decision of the Library staff or for any other reason, the member may refer the matter only to the Secretary of the Library Sub-committee regarding any grievances.

Members should refrain from making any arguments with the Library staff.

While the Club is grateful for any donations of books/CDs/DVDs by the members, the acceptance of such donations will be at the discretion of the Club.


  • Members may borrow one book and one CD/DVD or two books or two CDs/DVDs at a time for an initial period of TEN DAYS against a LIBRARY SECURITY DEPOSIT is a Rs 1,000.
  • Member should carry Library Issue Ticket while exchanging/issuing books or CD/DVD.
  • Books/CD/DVD can be renewed once for the further period of 10 DAYS (30 days in all). Members should present for renewal. Telephonic renewal will be allowed under special circumstances.
  • Late fee will be charged at Rs 10 per item per day subject to a maximum of Rs1000. The staff will not make any concession in this regards.
  • Members should inform the Librarian if a borrowed book is lost.
  • Loss or damage to books/CDs/DVDs will be fully recovered from the refundable deposit.
  • Charges for Ticket replacement shall be Rs25 per Ticket.


  • Members may use the Library computers for internet, games or watching CDs/DVDs from the library only through headphones provided.
  • Charges shall be Rs 20 for the first 30 minutes and Rs 10 for subsequent 30 minutes.
  • Charges for printouts shall be for B/W Rs 10 per copy, and colour Rs 25 per copy.
  • Members shall make advance cash payment at the time of entry before operating the computer.
  • Members shall obtain cash receipt at the time of exit after settling the account.


The M. I. G. Cricket Club's magazine has to be seen to be believed. Deviating from the typical club magazine mindset, Panorama dives into the world of sport, art, literature and information with gusto. Brought out every quarter, the magazine provides a platform for the creativity of members working in diverse fields. The magazine verily gives a panoramic view of the Club's activities and of the new ideas emanating in various walks of life.

Members can pick up a printed copy at the Club after the release of every issue, or just enjoy it right here on the website; and if you have missed gorging on the earlier issues, they are all here in the archives.

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