• Health-club
  • Health-club

The health club is located on the ground floor near the swimming pool. It is divided into two sections. The first is the gym section and the second is the wet section.

GYMNASIUM 2,500 225 225 2,950
STEAM 1,650 149 149 1,947
SWIMMING 900 81 81 1,062
STEAM-GYM-SWM 4,500 405 405 5,310
GYMNASIUM 4,500 405 405 5,310
STEAM 2,900 261 261 3,422
SWIMMING 1,800 162 162 2,124
STEAM-GYM-SWM 8,000 720 720 9,440
SWIMMING BELOW 12 YEARS 140 13 13 165

The state of the art gymnasium offers the following facilities:

  • Weight training, cardio studio and stretching & cool down area.
  • Weight Training Section is well equipped with 13 state of the art imported and bio-mechanically sound selectorised VIVA strength equipments. These are equipped with range controlling devices, which help special members with medical conditions to exercise within the suggested range of motion. Each equipment is with required seat and backrest adjustments to adjust needs of any individual with any physical status.
  • Apart from selectorised machines, the gym is equipped with free weights. There is a wide range of rubberized dumbbells starting from 1 kg to 40 kg. Sufficient sets of rubberized weight plates are available and range from 1.25 kg to 20 kg. Standardized Olympic barbells and perfected angled decline and flat benches are also available.
  • Apart from selectorised machines, the gym is equipped with free weights. There is a wide range of rubberized dumbbells starting from 1 kg to 40 kg. Sufficient sets of rubberized weight plates are available and range from 1.25 kg to 20 kg. Standardized Olympic barbells and perfected angled decline and flat benches are also available.
  • The cardio section is equipped with heavy-duty imported treadmill (2 nos. of Life Fitness), cross trainer elliptical (2 nos. of Life Fitness and Speed Fitness) and 2 upright bikes + 1 recumbent bike (of Life Fitness).
  • The Stretching & Cool Down Section is specially designed for relaxation after exercise. Members can perform stretching exercises, ABS exercises and can end their exercise with a cooling down process.
  • The wet section includes massage, steam, sauna, shower, bathrooms and changing room with lockers.
  • The massage section consists of two massage rooms for gents (6 am to 10 pm) and two massage rooms for women (8 am to 9 pm). The Club provides coconut oil or olive oil for massage.
  • The steam and sauna facility is provided in the gents and women changing areas to help members to relax the muscles and clean the toxins.
  • There are four showers in the gents changing area and two showers in the women changing area.
  • There are air-conditioned changing rooms with locker facility for temporary use during the exercise session.

Timing for all sections (unless otherwise specified): 6 am to 10 pm Sauna and steam will remain shut from 12 noon to 3 pm.

Tips for using Sauna

  • Set the temperature between 40˙C and 50˙C only.
  • Allow approximately 8-15 minutes for the sauna to warm-up.
  • Perspiration will begin within 6 to 15 minutes after stepping into the unit. A sauna session should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • When the temperature reaches the level set on the thermostat, the heaters will turn off and on periodically to maintain the desired temperature level inside the sauna.
  • The front door/window/ceiling vent may be opened at any time to allow fresh air into the room.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after a session to replenish loss of fluids from the body.
  • Taking a hot shower or bath before the sauna session will further accelerate perspiration. However, do dry off thoroughly before entering, for excessive water will stain or warp the wood. A shower latter is refreshing.
  • To absorb perspiration and keep the sauna tidy, place a towel on the bench and floor of the sauna. Keep one towel handy to wipe sweat from the body.
  • To maximize the sauna's heat therapy put oil into your hair and wrap it with a towel. Latter, rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • Massage the affected areas to relieve sore and tense muscles.
  • Do not eat at least an hour before your sauna session. It is better to go in a sauna with an empty stomach.
  • Do not use the sauna immediately after the strenuous exercise.
  • After the session is over, do not come out immediately. Let the body sweat a little more. Then, take a warm shower and finish it off with a cold shower to cool off completely.
GYM FEES CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total
DAILY 102 9 9 120
MONTHLY 500 45 45 590
PERSONAL TRAINER 500 45 45 590
DAILY NON MEM. 153 14 14 180
STEAM FEES CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total
DAILY 51 5 5 60
MONTHLY 450 41 41 531
DAILY NON MEM. 72 6 6 85
COCONUT OIL (ONE HOUR) 153 14 14 180
SP. (OLIVE) OIL (ONE HOUR) 263 24 24 310
TOWEL 20 Incl. Incl. 20
SOAP 5 Incl. Incl. 5
UNDERGARMENT 20 Incl. Incl. 20
NILGIRI OIL (5 ML) 60 Incl. Incl. 60
PLASTIC SHEET 20 Incl. Incl. 20

Note: Sr. Citizens are allowed to avail departmental facilities FREE OF CHARGE. However, they have to pay charges for availing additonal facilites, such as massage use of Steam, Sauna, Tournament fees and other fees stipulated by the Management from time to time.


  • Assistance for stretching exercise will be provided to each member for 5 (five) minutes only.
  • Members are requested to keep the equipment back in their respective location after use.
  • Outside shoes are not allowed.
  • Members and their instructors are requested to have their warm-up & drill exercise within the gymnasium only and avoid inconvenience to other members.
  • Members and trainers are requested to speak in low tones in the gymnasium in order to avoid inconvenience to the other members.


  • Members desirous of using any cardio facility should write their names on the board.
  • Enter name for the next facility after the use of first cardio facility.
  • Cardio facility to be used for 20 minutes only.
  • Allow 5 minutes cooling off time after every use.


  • All members utilizing the services of a Personal Trainer at the MIG CC Gym must handover the duly completed form to the Health Club Office.
  • All future Personal Trainings shall be permitted only through the Club’s Service provider.
  • Any member requiring personal training shall make an application in writing to the Club and a Personal Trainer shall allocated to the Member by Club’s Service provider.
  • In case of Trainers being provided by the Club or its Service Provider, the member shall make the payment of the PT Fees & the charges payable to the club as follows –
    • Amount payable to the Club’s Service provider, vide a cheque in favour of Club’s Service provider or by cash.
    • Amount payable to the Club vide a cheque in favour of Club or by cash.
    • The Service Provider or his representative shall issue the requisite receipts for the same.
  • In case of the outside Trainers being appointed by the Member, the amount payable to the trainer shall be handed over by the Member along with the charges payable to the Club to the Service Provider or his representative who shall immediately hand over the amount payable to the Trainer after recording the same and issue the receipt for the amount paid to the Club.
  • The maximum no of Personal Trainings that will be permitted to the Trainer during the peak hours (morning session from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm and the evening session from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm) shall be 3 (Three) per session.
  • The Member shall inform the Health Club about the time slots in which the member will utilize the Personal Training and shall ensure that the Personal Training is conducted in the specified time slots.
  • A Separate register will be maintained at the Health Club reception and the Trainer must make the necessary entry in the register when he enters the Health Club area as provided therein.
  • The Member shall ensure that the Trainer shall adhere to all the rules laid down by MIG Cricket Club from time to time without any exception


The following rules for massage bookings will apply with immediate effect:

  • Massage bookings shall be done strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Massage bookings can be done on any day, personally or by telephone, with Health Club staff for any day up to & including the same day of the next week & not beyond.
    • e.g., On a Sunday, massage booking can be done for any day up to & including the following Sunday OR on Tuesday, booking can be done for any day up to & including the following Tuesday, and so on.
  • For a 60-minute massage, not more than 100ml oil will be provided.
  • For a 30-minute massage, not more than 50ml oil will be provided.
  • No Nilgiri oil will be provided for massage.
  • Only 5ml Nilgiri oil will be provided for persons using the Steam Room.
  • Cancellations:
    • It has been observed that members taking appointment for massage either cancel the same at the last moment or do not turn up, at the allotted time without any prior intimation.
    • Members are hereby informed that no adjustment of appointment will be allowed and they should intimate their cancellation 24 hours prior to the allotted time, failing which the same will be treated as utilized, for no show.
    • Further, no extension in days/months will be granted to the members who have registered for 6 months package of 25 sittings.
    • For single massage appointments, members are requested to make sure that their receipt is made before they enter the massage room.
  • It is clarified that Senior Citizens who are exempted from paying departmental fees for the Health Club & Swimming Pool are still obliged to pay for consumables, such as Towels, Steam/Sauna, Massage, Massage Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Soap, Shampoo, Massage undergarments, etc.


  • This is to inform Members that, with effect from 1st December, 2014 Half- Hour Massage facility will not be available.
  • Only One-Hour Massage will be available as per predefined time-slots. We request members to arrive in time for their massage.
  • Members are requested to mention their mobile number while making bookings, personally or over the telephone, so that we can send out a confirmatory SMS for the requested time-slot. A return confirmatory message from the member would be appreciated in all cases.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, Massage facility will not be available for Guests.
  • Members are requested to cooperate with us for the successful implementation of the new arrangement.